the drops roll over her lips
she catches them
with the back of her hand, pressing
pressing hard enough
to bleed away the colour

i want to kiss them back to life

i am always living five hours behind with one eye on my phone or watch or computer clock it tells me subtly my schedule and how far behind i am running (it is rare i am ever on time, let alone early) and i am partways across a deep dark ocean and partways on the opposite shore they are two cities iconic so similar yet split asunder and i am ripped to shreds with wants and hopes and prayers and you who lives inside me to the point when i know almost the second you wake because i am already there with my hand on my phone expecting your call and although this existence halfway here and somehow there is slowly driving me crazy tired neurotic and impatient i still wake sometimes the last memory before dreams your voice whispering goodnight although it is bright bright afternoon for you and i think

how could i feel so close to you
thousands of miles away?

Robert Glasper Project ft Musiq Soulchild & Chrisette Michelle -Ah yeah

Everything in this track comes together in such a beautiful symphony, the words, the music…and especially the video.

Definitely one to watch a few times over.

Sonia Sanchez - Poem for Some Women

Wake too early from a nightmare…decide to turn it into a screen-play.


So I thought I’d start using my iPad to write with, seeing as I take it pretty much everywhere. Why not download the tumblr app, I think. So I do.

But actually the tumblr app is rubbish, as is almost everything on this stupid machine. Mostly, the keyboard functionality is awful, how do people get anything done??? Thankfully it was a present. I’d be shooting myself if I had forked out cash for this!!!

All this gas done is really p*ss me off tonight. No writing for me! Including this post, which I’d meant longer but I can’t stand using this keyboard anytime.

Grrr, I’d rather be using my moleskine and pencil!

Lovely, wild remix from equally stunning original. Only reason this one got posted instead of original I’d because I love Mr Bias a little too much…

Can’t believe it’s been four months since I’ve posted here.


laughing is not acceptable

(and if laughing is
 not accepted,
 then I guess I can’t click my fingers and
 holler appreciatively, either

 can i?)

A long-distance relationship
Time differences
The emotion ‘miss’. Subject, of.
Transatlantic conversations
Missed flights
Late nights and early mornings
Here, and there
Neither here, nor there.
The emotion ‘lost’. Middle, of.

…Love. Object, of.

I like the look of your body
next to mine your skin and mine and
then yours again like the thought of twisting
myself around
just too delicious to savour even so


I nod, pretend to listen whilst we are just talking but all along imagining your lips travelling across me leaving trails of shivers

unwrapping beneath my skin
bucking flesh suppling, limbs suddenly rolling
body a magic carpet sweeping me along and the arid warm desert air is just another extension of my breath explosion

i am

falling beneath you

We are just talking
But I can imagine your lips
Travelling across me
Leaving trails of shivers
And slowly warming
Warming me